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Our Story,

Our Story,

Farmhouse Botanics....the shorts of a long story


Freshly married and home from our overseas adventures I finally had "my time" to launch into my love, Farmhouse Boutique. I remember clearly the moment of driving on a red dirt road in Outback Australia discussing our life plans and the name popping into my head. I loved the rural connection I loved the cosiness of creating from our wee Farmhouse.

I don't want to loose that rural thread. I'm immensely proud of the road that has taken me from fashion design studies, wife, dresses, art, mum, florist. I love that I still create from within our wee Farmhouse just in a different region and genre now. I'm so humbled that you choose me to flower the start of your marriage!

So a name change is here, Farmhouse Boutique didn't make sense anymore but Farmhouse Botanics encompasses everything I strive for. Natural, organic, floral and a little bit wild.

- Sarah Naylor x

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